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Our Mission Statement

  • Offer opportunities for personal and professional growth through association with women in our profession.


  • To provide a network of support and to facilitate growth, learning and leadership among women dentists in the Ottawa community

Our Constitution

Our History

The OWDSC started in 2008 after a perceived need where it was determined that the increasing number of females dentists entering the profession could /would benefit from a support network group.

The network group could provide opportunities for both professional and personal growth among women dentist in the Ottawa community.


The founding group consisted of Ms. Eileen Peers, sharing her business savvy as well as established connections to the dental industry, Doctors, Mareille Pariseau, Janet Leith, Lorraine Thacker, Gillian Espie , Karen MacDonald, Claudia Courchesne, providing strong leadership vision and direction.

The group: 1)  initiated the RCDSO approved Study Club, OWDSC, to provide CE accreditation for meeting/activities/education; 2)  established the executive structure, budget, mission statement, constitution and non profit status for the OWDSC; 3) became  the initial executive for the OWDSC.


Currently, in the spirit of giving back to community, the OWDSC provides  annual donations (as funded by the membership) to:  1) a charity that supports women or children, 2) scholarship to an Eastern Ontario  female dental student enrolled at Canadian Dental School.

Our Current and Past Exec

President- Noelle Hansen

Treasurer- Tara Valiquette

Secretary- Nicole Vanderwal

Past Exec

Marielle Pariseau, Janet Leith, Lorraine Thaker, Mira Ghaly, Madalina Soarec, Dorothy Marko, Sandra Chong, Karen MacDonald, Claudia Courchesne, Beverley McKeown

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